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Contact: Corrie Prutspin, Senior VP of Corporate Communications


Award Recognizes Councilmember's Tireless Efforts to Thwart Smokefree Legislation in Nation's Capitol

WASHINGTON, DC - The Virginia-based tobacco company Licensed to Kill, Inc has chosen DC Councilmember Carol Schwartz as the first recipient of its annual "Golden Coffin" Award. The award will be bestowed this morning at a public hearing scheduled by Councilmember Schwartz on pending smokefree workplace legislation (10 am, Council Chamber, Room 500, John A. Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Ave).

Licensed to Kill created the "Golden Coffin" award to recognize outstanding efforts by politicians to protect the health of the tobacco industry. Councilmember Schwartz, chair of the Committee on Public Words and the Environment, was unanimously chosen by a panel of Licensed to Kill executives for her tireless efforts to thwart smokefree workplace regulations in the Nation's Capitol.

"Bad air means good business for the tobacco industry," said Licensed to Kill Chairman and CEO Rich Fromdeth, "The more workplaces where people can smoke, the more of our mini smokestacks sold, the more money we make. This award honors those who champion the lucrative "golden" lining behind the epidemic of death and disease caused by our industry's cancer sticks. We are so pleased that Councilmember Schwartz, a true proponent of our "More Smoke, Less Health" mantra, is our first awardee!"

"Carol has skillfully utilized a wide range of tactics to preserve toxic workplace environments in the District. She has prevented a council vote on popular legislation that would banish the carcinogenic plumes of our poison puffs from all workplaces, while introducing delightfully weak alternative legislation, " continued Fromdeth, "That may not sound too democratic to some, but don't forget corporations are people too and someone's gotta represent our interests!"

"Washington, DC remains a critical east coast haven for tobacco smoke pollution," said Gray Vastone, Licensed to Kill's Director of Government Influence, "Practically the entire northeast has passed comprehensive smokefree workplace legislation -- Delaware, New York, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and most recently Vermont . Even nearby Montgomery county has bucked the smoky status quo. If Councilmember Schwartz stands firm, perhaps the region of clean indoor air can be contained and prevented from spreading further south."

"Like our industry rival, Altria (parent company of Philip Morris), which gave the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington $10,000 for its awards ceremony earlier this month, Licensed to Kill believes in showing appreciation where appreciation is due," said Virginia Slime, Licensed to Kill's Senior VP of Replacement Smoker Recruitment, "It's not always popular to champion "Profits Over People" or the freedom to spew Class A carcinogens into blue collar workers' faces, but Carol does it with aplomb."


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