We're Rich, You're Dead!


Why would the Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission give permission to a corporation like yours to exist??!
That's really a question to pose the Virginia SCC, not our company. You can do so, by calling 1-804-371-9733.

Considering the issues around killing and products that kill, why aren't you diversifying into other areas?
We know that some people are opposed to products that kill people. However, we are a company that was incorporated for the explicit purpose of manufacturing and marketing tobacco products in a way that kills over 4.9 million people worldwide annually. Of course, we could abandon this corporate vision, but why? Many people (especially politicians) around the world believe that corporations should be allowed to make a profit killing people. Plus, what would we diversify into? Twinkies? They haven't got any nicotine!

What if the government passed laws requiring companies to pay for the damage done by their products, in the course of being used as intended?
If that happens, then we may have to get out of the business. It simply wouldn't be profitable for us to foot the medical bills of all our customers. But we don't foresee the government cracking down on corporations like us any time soon. We've sent a strong message to governments around the world that they can either be "with us, or against us" -- and if they're against us, they can kiss their political contributions good-bye.

Is there a future for killing?
This question tends to be asked by people living in the United States who have noticed that the tobacco industry is having some difficulties "expanding its market" in this country. But abroad, it is quite another story. Our company has plans to expand aggressively in other countries, especially poorer ones that have little money to counter our slick marketing campaigns.

Is Licensed to Kill, Inc concerned that the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control might thwart the company's ambitious plans for global expansion?
It's true that if the current draft text of the treaty is adopted by the World Health Assembly in May, it will be much harder for our company to realize our dream of a Global Massacre, L2K, and WOMD in the mouth of every child, woman, and man around the world (and their precious money in our pocket). One of the most concerning provisions in the draft text is a ban on tobacco advertising, promotion, and sponsorship, which will eliminate one of our most effective avenues for hooking kids to our addictive product line. Our company is counting on tobacco industry allies within the U.S. government to thwart the adoption of the FCTC, and further our quest for ever-increasing profits at the expense of global public health.

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