We're Rich, You're Dead!


Our Corporate Identity

On March 19, 2003, Licensed to Kill, Inc, was incorporated in the state of Virginia, becoming the world's newest tobacco company. Approved by the Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission, the introduction of Licensed to Kill reflects important evolutions in the development of the global tobacco industry.

The name "Licensed to Kill" is truly a tobacco name - a name associated with leadership in corporate killing in that industry in the United States and around the world. We do not own any companies that are not tobacco-based, and we do not feel a need to purchase any food subsidiaries to obscure the fact that our prime source of profit is indeed cigarettes. By taking such a name, Licensed to Kill, Inc clearly identifies what it is: a company that has been given the explicit permission by the state to manufacture and market tobacco products in a way that each year kills over 400,000 Americans and 4.5 million other persons worldwide. In short, a company that profits off of some of the world's most deadly brands.

The name "Licensed to Kill" derives from the Latin words "licere" and "caedere", meaning "permission to kill". To our company, it connotes an enterprise that is fully authorized to aim for peak performance and constant improvement in killing for profit. Our goal is that, over time, the name also will reflect the five attributes that we believe define who we are and how we grow our business: a strong commitment to profits over people; excellence in marketing death; financial pay-offs; innovation in public relation spin; and an undying dedication to making a killing.

Some have speculated that the choice of the name "Licensed to Kill" is perhaps a tad bit too truthful. It isn't. Licensed to Kill, Inc takes pride in owning what we believe to be the premier tobacco company in the world. Going forward, our identity will give stakeholders clarity about the purpose of our company.

COMPANY SLOGAN: The beauty of the tobacco business is that people pay us to kill them. That's why our motto is "We're Rich. You're Dead!"

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