The Crime Prevention Group
Sterling Heights, Michigan

PRESS RELEASE: 19 April 2003
Contact: Leroy J. Pletten, (586) 739-8343

Tobacco Pushers Should be Criminally Prosecuted

The Crime Prevention Group (TCPG) acknowledges and salutes the candor of the admitted purpose of Licensed to Kill Inc., as stated in its articles of incorporation, "the manufacture and marketing of tobacco products in a way that each year kills over 400,000 Americans and 4.5 million other persons worldwide."

We would call attention to the societal restrictions on serial killing to which LKI refers (and says it is exempt), which in fact and law, actually DO apply. See our bibliography of laws, principles, and court precedents showing their applicability, at our educational analysis sites:

We would urge that all prosecutors criminally prosecute for such killings, as tobacco pushers have a record of having done, are currently doing, and are intending to do, pursuant to current law, due to deaths being foreseeable - thus in law, intentional, meaning premeditated.


TCPG is an educational and activist service on the subject of crime issues related to tobacco manufacture and selling. TCPG researches the record of pertinent laws and court precedents, provides medical-record-of-deaths and laws-broken context in which prosecutions and enforcement can and should occur, and publishes pertinent aspects. with advocacy of enforcement.